New Black Panther Bio Dropped

That’s right, I, Steve Dustcircle dropped another “101” biography on another comic book character. This time, the focus is on Marvel’s Black Panther.

I’ve read the reviews of the previously released books in the series both on Amazon and on Goddreads, and I took into account the issues that some of the readers had.

So, with Black Panther 101, I made the text smaller, fit more content in, made better use of white space inside–all the while, keeping the price the same (which isn’t good for royalties, but I did it for you!)

I also clarified within the pages on why I cannot place trademarked content within this unauthorized biography. There ia no artwork within the pages, and the cover art is by me, utilizing some work that already existed in the public domain realm,

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did researching its content. And as always, if you buy the paperback edition, the Kindle one is available to you for free.

Read more about Black Panther 101 here!