Mainstream News Outlet Possibly Just Bashed Itself

I don’t watch Fox News, but it’s hard to avoid it when clips of its commentary shows up on podcasts and YouTube videos.

One thing that comes up frequently when Fox News’ blurbs are being reused is them calling out “the mainstream media.” “What the mainstream media won’t tell you is–” blah blah blah.

Who are they talking about? CNN? NBC? CBS? ABC? They surely can’t be talking about The Young Turks, Secular Talk Radio, The David Pakman Show, or Democracy Now!

To me, mainstream is not underground, independent, or low budget. So, I would assume mainstream news would include all major news outlets on popular networks. This would include but not be limited to CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, and … Fox News.

Yes, when Fox News bashes the mainstream media, they very well should include themselves, as they are a huge player in the communications network of news event commentary and so-called journalism.

However, I can see why they’d want to distance themselves from the title of mainstream media.

King Tangerine constantly bashes the media, and to stay on top as an effective voice into the minds and hearts of right-wing America, they feel the need to step aside and say that they are not a part of what King Tangerine is bashing.

While Fox News is losing paid advertisers like nobody’s business, they have more people watching than CNN and MSNBC—combined—right before the midterms. This is the very definition of mainstream media.

Unless, of course, they’re admitting that they are shit at being a trustworthy source of … well, news.

And don’t confuse popularity with greatness. There is a lot of music out there that isn’t worth listening to, but it’s being played all of the time. Perhaps some of the plays are because it’s too easy to make fun of—like Fox News?

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