Joshua Harris Kissed Religion Goodbye

I’ve written about about Josh Harris before and how I came across his book as a younger religionist.

Yea, I had a hard time kissing dating goodbye. I mean, I knew the ideas of what he was suggesting to us young adults: purity, courtship, engagement, wedding, kids, and grow old together.

Boy Meets Girl and the white picket fence. Sounds like a dream that can only be orchestrated by a divine deity pulling all the strings for his favorite kids in church. Matchmaker on the throne. You’ll have that one person that he had set aside for you, but you have to follow the rules. Don’t play, don’t get dirty—sexual innuendo intended.

Well, Mr. stay single in your teens until God brings you a spouse is getting divorced.

As a former evangelical—and never a fan of his book—hearing news like this is almost … arousing. The guy who says sexual purity equals marital bliss is having his own marriage falling apart. What went wrong? I couldn’t wait to dig into all of the gossip!

But things aren’t always what they seem.

Josh Harris has lost his faith. He left religion. After all of these years, something inside of him clicked and said, “This stuff just doesn’t make sense anymore.”

My jubilee and judgment of him halted. The man I couldn’t understand for two decades was finally relatable. His current story is a part of my own.

Over a decade ago, I left religion. Once the theology seemed to have more holes than I had patches, I began to question if the Bible was even true. The circular reasoning, the cop-out answers, and dismissive excuses—all led me to discard Christianity.

It seems that Josh had gone through the same things, juggling apologetics and counseling. I was fortunate; I’m not famous. But for Josh, he has a lot to lose: his closest friends, his co-workers, his book royalties, his pastoring job and speaking engagements, his place in his family, and Shannon. There is probably a lot more not fathomed.

Religious leaders all over the place are now talking about him, possibly in not such a great light. They might see him as a disappointment. A failed ministry. A failed union of holy matrimony. They will probably ask what he had done wrong to go down this path of unbelief? Why is he mad at God?

After all, he had the perfect relationship with his wife, right? Josh wrote more than one book about the perfect couple. Does that perfect love no longer exist? Or that any relationship—no matter how perfect—can have an end? Was kissing dating goodbye a hoax? What does all of this invalidate or verify?

For Josh, this is only the beginning, no matter how long this revelation has been simmering. There is a lot to come. I cannot imagine the number of phone calls and types of texts he is getting right now. I kind of now wish I was his friend, so I can listen. I wish I can tell him, I know. Dude, it totally hurts.

And even if everything is yanked from Josh Harris, I will give him this: the man has big courage to come out to the world about his setting religion aside, risking pretty much everything.

Man meets world.

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