Stimulus Band-Aid 2021

Well, here comes our money. Our relief cash. Tax dollars back to us.

Not everyone is happy, though I’d bet my stimulus that even Republicans are going to gladly receive their checks or direct deposits, and they’ll quickly spend it on … whatever it is that right-wingers spend unscheduled money on.

But they’ll still complain about it. “Handouts.”

You can find the comments and videos: It’s socialism. Oh, that naughty, naughty word.

But no matter what it’s called, the money is coming to us in days or weeks.

And I believe that this is what a compassionate, righteous government should do. No one in a tax-funded country should do without the necessities. No one should go without, especially in the wealthiest country in the world.

Strange thing is, the administration and suck-ups of 45 have rallied against this stimulus payment, though they caused COVID-19 to be as bad as it has been in America, as well as the jobs and savings lost, resulting from the pandemic. It didn’t have to be this bad. But it is what it is now, and Americans are hurting because of it.

And yes, $1400 for each qualified middle- and lower-class taxpaying citizen can help make ends meet, but it’s not retirement level direct deposit. $1400 barely covers rent in most large cities … if you live in a poorer neighborhood. In a decent one, this doesn’t usually even cover rent. A quick look at the rural area of Ohio in which I live, rent starts around $800 and goes up from there.

While the complete amount approved in the package is just short of $2 trillion, that whole amount doesn’t go to the people by check or direct deposit. Our checks are only $410 billion of that total amount. The rest goes to programs and other forms of assistance: $360 billion to government agencies, $246 billion to unemployment, $176 billion to education programs, $123 billion to COVID-19 response efforts, $59 billion to small businesses, $16 billion to agriculture, and so forth.

Source: 24395.jpeg (1200×1200) (

This is a lot of money, no doubt. But we have to remember that while the far right will complain about this “government hand-out,” it is their leadership that got us into this predicament. President #45 downplayed and lied about the seriousness of the coronavirus, and ruined any chance of trying to nip this pandemic in the bud. The lies continued (and continues) into how to approach it, everything from causing an outbreak of anti-maskers, to hosting super-spreader events, to having essentially no plan on vaccination treatment at all.

We are one of the worse countries in sickness, death, and poor management. And we only have our leadership and silenced mouths to blame.

But, there is this “handout,” a check we will get as financial aid. “Welfare,” many right-wingers will call it, though they will spend it just as fast as a centrist or a lefty. Maybe faster.

I’ll take that band-aid though. And I’m planning on saving it, though many cannot afford to. Bills are due, jobs are being sought after, and kids are hungry.

I’m one of the fortunate ones. I can take this unexpected direct deposit and put it away for an emergency or an unexpected expense. Many can’t afford this luxury.

Especially since their wage will remain the same.

At that same minimum wage that it’s been for years.

That’s if they’re able to be employed.


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