Unchristianed Nation

(or, Why America Isn’t and Should Never Be a ”Christian Nation”)

 February 4, 2014

Many Americans call themselves Christians, and say that America is a Christian nation.

This book takes the Christian’s own text–the Bible–and turns it against them, showing U.S. Christians that if America were indeed a “Christian nation,” the evidence isn’t there.

Steve Dustcircle attacks the theocratic mentality point by point, using everything from the early Jewish civilization to the early Church, and uses that as a mirror against the ways America acts and thinks politically, spiritually, and intellectually.

America is far from being a Christian nation, and with rawness, Dustcircle pulls no blows.

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“This essay is quite a good one. It is well written and makes you think critically about religion, America and Christianity and how much Christianity and the understanding of it has changed from the beginning of it till now.”
– Annika Ennok (via Smashwords.com)

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