Got Rhythm? Get Rhyming!

I wanted to make an announcement that there has been a 3-part series of anthologies on classic poetry released, mostly that of rare public domain material.

The variety in these volumes are pretty unique and picked specifically for these three collections. The topics are also varied in taste, time period and structure. You’ll find mostly things about love, but there is also a few with a touch of macabre, thrill, war, lifestyle, culture, and suspense.

If you would take a chance with one of these books, I’m sure you will be pleased and would want to eventually buy one of the other two. However, each book stands on its own and doesn’t necessarily require one of the others. Either is a great volume, stands on its own, and is sure to entice you into written rhyme or prose.

Additionally, in each volume I give you at least two of my own poems.

Here is each volume’s link, able to be bought from Amazon:

Kindle editions for book two and three are $4.95 each.
Screensave your purchase of any of these books (Kindle OR paperback) and email the screencap to and I’ll email you back a FREE copy of  the first volume, Poetry (White cover).

Trump’s Cabinet Paperback in Pre-Release

The book is on its way! Early summer will see the release of my newest book, TRUMP’S CABINET.

This decent-sized book of short biographies will focus on each Cabinet appointee, nominated and/or confirmed. There will even be a surprise bonus chapter!

But this isn’t your usual bio breakdown. This book features the failures, scandals, crimes, and SMDH’s of each individual.

Are these White House Republicans qualified and skilled for their position? Are they even leadership quality? Read this book and decide for yourself!

Pre-release, AUTOGRAPHED, includes shipping, $24.95 – [Click here for more details]

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