New Book, April 2016

Help! I’m of Voting Age and I Want to Make Informed Decisions
just came out TODAY! Amazon paperback, Kindle edition and the Createspace links are in the process of being linked to this site.

In all fairness, this book is not quite “new,” as it’s an extended version of Politics for the Disinterested with The Quotable Dissenting Heretic tacked on at the end. That’s two $9.95 books for $12.95 with some bonus material inside. Perfect timing, as it’s an election year!

The book contains how and why one should get involved with politics and citizen rights. It breaks down what each branch of government does, what each political party represents, has a decent-sized glossary of common political words, a suggested reading list of human rights and political involvement, and ends with quotes of rebellion and revolution.

For the most part, the book is non-partisan; a book of just-the-facts. The book list leans progressive, but mostly has to deal with not parties and affiliation but rather human liberties and civic involvement.

I’m re-releasing the previous two books into one, because I feel that there is some great content within, and that the titles needed to be changed and the artwork needed to be fresh.

So, I hope you pick up a copy of Help! I’m of Voting Age and I Want to Make Informed Decisions, either in paperback or digital form.

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