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Rex Tillerson: You’re Fired! A Diplomat Disgraced

This is an excerpt from the 2018 Steve Dustcircle book, Trump’s Cabinet: The Rise of Each Appointed Deplorable, available in ebook and paperback from Amazon.com. The book contains links to multiple references and citations.


If something were to befall the President of the United States and his or her Vice President, the next person who would then become the new acting POTUS would be the United States Secretary of State.

The 69th person to hold the position is former ExxonMobil CEO and former Boy Scouts president, Rex Wayne Tillerson of Texas.

Rex Tillerson was born in 1952 and named after two Hollywood cowboy actors. His father was deeply involved with the Boy Scouts of America, so it was only natural that Rex would join, rising to rank of Eagle Scout.

Tillerson’s school-year jobs were as a bus boy and as a janitor, in addition to being in the school band his senior year.

He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Texas at Austin in Civil Engineering in 1975. While at college, he was involved with the band there also. He was also a member of Tejas Club, a fraternity organization with loose ties to Skull and Bones (Yale secret society) and the Machine (of the University of Alabama).

Upon graduation, he immediately started his career at the Exxon Company as an engineer. Fourteen years later—in 1989—he became a high level manager, and in 1998 he moved up to Vice President. He was also in charge of the company’s holdings in Russia at this time with the state-owned oil company Rosneft.

A year later, Mobil merged with Exxon, and in 2006, Tillerson assumed the position of CEO of ExxonMobil.

Under his leadership, ExxonMobil worked closely with its oil interests in Saudi Arabia and a couple other Middle Eastern countries, mostly making deals under ExxonMobil’s overseas business arm, Infineum. It’s interesting to note that the name bears little resemblance to the umbrella corporation’s name.

In 2009, ExxonMobil acquired “natural” gas giant, XTO Energy, and Pence suggested that ExxonMobil should be get carbon-taxed but never stepped forward on it.

About this time, he was lobbying against the Dodd-Frank reform and protections rule that allowed financial disclosures to foreign governments of interest in the said business. He is also for the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and is for free—not fair—trade.

That same year, Tillerson was inducted into the Eagle Scout Hall of Fame. He has cited that the best part of his childhood was his involvement with the BSA.

As recent as 2014, Tillerson has opposed sanctions against Russia and has made recent deals with Vladimir Putin on behalf of Exxon. In 2017, the company was sued by the United States Treasury Department for $2 million, and ExxonMobil returned a lawsuit in favor. He is quite against government regulations in safety and fairness.

Rex Tillerson had been married twice and has four children, two from each marriage. He has a home in Bartonville, Texas, as well as one in Washington, D.C.

Religiously, he is a Congregationalist, a Reformist denominational sect of Reformed churches. They believe that each member church should operate independently from the main group.

In 2015, Forbes named him as the 25th most powerful man in the world, prior to his office in the 2017 Trump cabinet.

He’s a long-time contributor to Republican candidates throughout the years, giving about half of a million dollars in just over 15 years. Tillerson was not a fan of Donald Trump’s 2016 election bid, giving financially instead to Jeb Bush’s campaign fund.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice recommended Rex Tillerson instead of Mitt Romney for the position to president-elect Donald Trump. He has a hard line stance on North Korea and their treatment of its citizens and neighbors, but seems to not want to label Saudi Arabia as a human-rights-violating country. How ironic.

Tillerson accepted his nomination to the office of Secretary of State nevertheless, and promised to drop all hands-on interest in the ExxonMobil corporation. On January 3, 2017, a deal was supposedly made.

After his confirmation into the office of Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson wasted no time to start meetings with foreign leaders in Russia, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

While not having his hands in the oil industry, it does seem that he will apparently reap the huge rewards of the limited supply of Big Oil.

It was the first thing he did, was run to foster and develop those oil country relationships—right in the face of the wind and underneath the sun, which are renewable and endless. After all, he only owns about $218 million in Exxon stock.

In closing, Rex Tillerson is all for fracking and doing damage to public and private lands, but when it came to possibly happening in his own back yard, he put his foot down. Again, ironic.