Your Head Hangs Low in Shame Before the UN, Ambassador Nikki Haley

This is an excerpt from the 2018 Steve Dustcircle book, Trump’s Cabinet: The Rise of Each Appointed Deplorable, available in ebook and paperback from The book contains links to multiple references and citations.


The Ambassador to the United Nations chair was formally known as the Permanent Representative and was formed right after World War II.

The job is to be a delegate and representative of America at General Assembly and Security Council meetings at the United Nations.

For almost ten years, the Ambassador position has been held by women: Susan Rice, Rosemary DiCarlo, Samantha Power, Michele J. Sison, and now the Trump-appointed Nikki Haley.

Nikki Haley is an child of immigrant Sikh parents from India, her real name being Nimrata Nikki Randhawa.

She is a Tea Party member and was the governor of South Carolina for six years. Haley is known for successfully having the notorious Confederate symbol removed from the state flag.

Before running for Governor, Nikki Haley was President of the National Association of Women Business Owners in 2004, and served in the South Carolina House of Representatives from 2005 to 2010. She has a degree in accounting.

She announced her candidacy for Governor and won against the longest-sitting governors in South Carolina history. She won after being endorsed by Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney.

Considering the environment and energy, in her last year in SC Congress, Haley said she was all for off shore drilling in her state. She also wanted to reopen the Savannah nuclear project and the nuclear waste site of Yucca Mountain in South Carolina.

In 2012, as a governor, Haley rejected the stimulus package that President Obama released, saying it would “create new costs” and had many “strings attached.” She was also very against unions, the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), and well as background checks for firearm owners.

In 2013, The Business Journals did research on 45 U.S. governors’ job creation history and found that South Carolina—under Haley’s watch—ranked at number 34. However, South Carolina is considered one of the least unionized states in the Union, and her website claims a low unemployment rate.

In 2015, Nikki Haley was thrust into the public spotlight with her fight against the historically racist symbol of the Confederate Flag flying on state grounds. She was prompted to remove the “heritage” symbol after a mass shooting in which a troubled white man killed nine people in an African-American church.

While she had previously claimed devotion to the Confederate symbol and its historic landmark in time, she felt that it needed to come down after the Charleston Massacre. She then gave each family of the victims a souvenir pen.

Ironically, as a child of immigrants, she was against refugees coming to America in 2015, stating “that the State Department not resettle any Syrian refugees in South Carolina.”

However, in 2010 she said that “every life is blessed by God.” She is not a Sikh like her father, but converted to Christianity and sits on a United Methodist board.

Nikki Haley has been accused twice of having an affair on her husband, Michael Haley. Will Folks, a former press secretary, said he had an “inappropriate physical relationship” with Haley, and Larry Marchant said he had a “one-time sexual encounter” with her when he was a rival’s political consultant. Neither claim has been verified nor have they been debunked.

Nikki Haley is known to be very against green energy, and tends to have no or little opinion on many “political” matters except for the so-called hot topics that tend to derail real progress for our country and foreign policy.

In one of her first appearances before the United Nations, she claims that they are anti-Israel (when in fact, they are actually anti-apartheid in Israel/Palestine), and that the U.S. will no longer tolerate the human rights advocacy that the U.N. gives to non-Israelites.

While she seems level-headed on many topics, she seems to be submissive to the men in her field: the GOP’s stance on Israel, abortion, guns, immigration, and health care.