ALL of My Ebooks Will Be FREE Until the New Year


Well, most of them. 17 of my books will be available for free on Smashwords. This sale should be also reflected at Kobo, iTunes/iBooks, and a few other non-Kindle outlets.

Titles a gratis include:

  • Trump’s Cabinet: The Rise of Each Appointed Deplorable
  • Ramblin’ Man: One-Sided Dialog on Philosophy and Other Rubbish
  • Leaving Worship: From Worship Leader to Atheist Activist
  • Politics for the Disinterested
  • UnChristian Nation: What Would a U.S. Christian Look Like?
  • Napkins: Rare Poetry and Prose Archives
  • Poetry: The Dead Language
  • Mangasarian, Vol. 1 (The Truth About Jesus / The Bible Unveiled / more)
  • Transport (A Prison Transfer Tale)
  • Citing Atheists
  • The Quotable Dissenting Heretic
  • The Frightful Fifty: 50 Dreadful Singles
  • Deadpool 101
  • Black Panther 101
  • Harley Quinn 101
  • Reflections on Occupy
  • Before Your First Gig

If needed, use checkout promo code PW56S.


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