Poetry: The Dead Language (Book 2)

Resuscitating the Poetic Rhythm and the Rhyme (Black Cover)

Almost everyone likes poetry.

If you like music—particularly the lyrical content—you like poetry. If you like great film dialog, you like poetry. If you like reading birthday cards, you like poetry. Just about everyone likes poetry in some form or fashion.

There is a passion about it.
There is a rhythm to it.
There is soul in it.

Most of the names will not be known, and most of the authors of these poems only wrote the solitary poem that included in this book.

Seek out these writers.

Steve Dustcircle, Paul Thomas Gilbert, S. W. Gillinan, Washington Gladden, Arthur Grissom, Arthur Guiterman, H. H. C. C., Charles, Graham Halpine, Lady T. Hastings, John Edward Hazzard, Reginald Heber, A. Hoatson, James Hogg, Abijah M. Ide, Tomas de Iriarte y Oropesa, Wallace Irwin, John William Ivimey, Tudor Storrs Jenks, Sydney Jephcott, Hilda Johnson, William Johnston, Francis Kenna, W. J. Lampton, Andrew Lang, Frederick Langbridge, Francis Ledwidge, Henry S. Leigh, Mark Lemon, Charles James Lever, Evan Lloyd, Russell Hilliard Loines, Charles Battell Loomis, Fred W. Loring, Richard Lovelace, James Russell Lowell, Edward Lysaght, William Maginn, John Marriott, J. H. McKenzie, Alice Duer Miller, Alan Alexander Milne, Clement Clarke Moore, Thomas Sturge Moore, Bessie Morgan, Captain C. Morris, Peter Anthony Motteux, Thomas Moult, Louise Chandler Moulton, Frederick Moxon, and George Francis Shults

ISBN-13: 978-1546558477
ISBN-10: 1546558470

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