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steve-bio-300dpi-1.5inchOriginally from Chicago, Steve Dustcircle comes from a background in religious ministry and music performance, but now has his hand in many forms of activism, mostly focused on freethought and human rights. There is not much he hasn’t done and little that he hasn’t read about. Steve lives in Columbus, OH with his frugal-blogger wife, and loves good coffee, cold lager, and stimulating conversation.

Contact – Dustcircle0 atGmail dotCom

Featured articles, essays and commentary from: CounterCurrents.org, Ex-Christian.net, GoodMenProject.com and OpEdNews.com. Read Them Here.

NEW! Reflections on Occupy, in paperback and digital format, by Steve Dustcircle

The following books are for sale now:

Reflections on Occupy
Help! I’m of Voting Age…
Ramblin’ Man
Harley Quinn 101
Leaving Worship
The Frightful Fifty, Part 1 / Part 2
Deadpool 101
Citing Atheists
Politics for the Disinterested
No, I Won’t Buy Your eBook
Mangasarian, Volume One
The Quotable Dissenting Heretic
UnChristianed Nation
Before Your First Gig

View Steve Dustcircle’s producer/actor page HERE – 
Known for Our Bloody Hallows Eve; Tales of Poe; The Good, the Bad, and the Geeky; and Outsiders, Season Two.

Also, there are selections from my 2004 live music performance in Iowa, one original, plus cover songs by Edwin McCain, BJ Thomas, The Cure, Lifehouse, Paula Cole, and Tesla.
FREE mp3 downloads available HERE.

Counter Currents Org
Ex-Christian Net
Good Men Project
Op Ed News
Vintage Plus

American Civil Liberties United (Nat’l & OH)
American Humanist Association
Americans United (for SOCAS)
Center for Freethought Equality
Center for Humanist Activism
Center for Inquiry
End Citizens United
Freedom from Religion Foundation
Humanist Community of Central Ohio
Int’l Assoc. of Professional Writers & Editors
Int’l Assoc. of Religion Journalists
People for the American Way

Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio

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