Poetry: The Dead Language (Book 3)

Resuscitating the Poetic Rhythm and the Rhyme (Gold Cover)

Almost everyone likes poetry.

If you like music—particularly the lyrical content—you like poetry. If you like great film dialog, you like poetry. If you like reading birthday cards, you like poetry. Just about everyone likes poetry in some form or fashion.

There is a passion about it.
There is a rhythm to it.
There is soul in it.

Most of the names will not be known, and most of the authors of these poems only wrote the solitary poem that included in this book.

Seek out these writers.

Steve Dustcircle, Parmenas Mix, R. K. Munkittrick, Cormac O’Leary, John Boyle O’Reilly, Selleck Osborn, Louis Shreve Osborne, Albert Bigelow Paine, Edward Henry Palmer, William Pitt Palmer, Walter Parke, Samuel Minturn Peck, Nora Perry, James Robinson Planche, H. H. Porter, Winthrop Mackworth Praed, Florence E. Pratt, David Law Proudfit, Father Prout, Edwin Arlington Robinson, Alexander Rodger, Harry Romaine, Arthur Reed Ropes , I. Rosenberg, Ronald Ross, Edmund Beale Sargant, William Sawyer, John Godfrey Saxe I, Richard Brinsley Butler Sheridan, James A. Sidey, George Robert Sims, Harry Bache Smith, Sydney Smith, Frank Lebby Stanton, H. P. Stevens, Ruth McEnery Stuart, Sir John Suckling, Bayard Taylor, William Makepeace Thackeray, Robert Calverley Trevelyan, James Tytler, Eugene Fitch Ware, George F. Warren, Nixon Waterman, Frederic Edward Weatherly, Frances Miriam Whitcher, Arabella M. Willson, Edmund Hodgson Yates, and Thomas R. Ybarra.

ISBN-13: 978-1546558583
ISBN-10: 1546558586

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