Right-Wing Bombs and Other Junk Mail

Several people were recently targeted with bombs through the mail service—all politically liberal and influential.

At the time of this writing, it is unknown who sent them, but we can only assume it was by a right-winger with a know-how with explosives.

Sadly, I wasn’t surprised. The current president has sided often with those who want to inflict harm on those who oppose him. He has offered to pay for the violators’ legal costs, has insinuated physical harm to opponents, and has repeatedly bashed journalists and news reporters.

It was just a matter of time before people got punched, jumped by a mob, or assassinated by cars.

And it’s happened. What was the next step for escalation? Terror. And now right-wingers are mailing bombs.

They aren’t even mailing bombs to random people, but former presidents and other powerful Democrats. I don’t know if we are at war and don’t know it, or if these are isolated incidents, but my fellow left-wing friends: be vigilant.

Be attentive. Be on guard. And don’t be too pussy not to speak up.